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TS2 - Kiki upside down
This journal is now MOSTLY friends only. I do not automatically friend back, so please comment here and introduce yourself.

My fics are posted @ our_fic, which I share with mireille719. If you are here for the fic, please friend the community instead. You may also visit my fic archive: Fly With Me.

TS2 - Kiki upside down

Apple Grove Island and its surroundings in 128 picturesCollapse )

In other news:

1. I am still jobless.
2. I am posting more Sims2 stuff on blogger. @ Sofysticated-sims Feel free to comment over there (they have OpenID). I'm debating crossposting these posts here. We'll see.
3. mireille719 is still a joy to be married to. *luffs*
4. I am so glad I have an air conditioning tonight. \o/

What? She's alive? Really!?! OMG!

SGA team -- geek squad
I am alive. Indeed.

I wish I had lots of things to report, but mostly I'm tired, exhausted, and I just wanted to check in.

My graduation ceremony is in six days. I haven't found a job yet, but I did finish with good grades, which I'm very happy about. The stress and the anxiety have been very hard on me, but I'm recuperating, and hopefully, I'll be up and running soon, with a job in tow. *crosses fingers*

There might be Sims 2 related posts on this LJ in the future, since that's my current obsession. We'll see.

So, um. Hi!

[Also, I am currently rewatching SGA, and I have SO MUCH LOVE for all the stupid boys on that show. And the lovely ladies, of course.]

[Insert meaningless subject here]

Family Doyle -- lazy kitty
[Insert apology about not posting for months here]

7 April, 2004 - 12 February 2011

My beautiful boy had to be put to sleep on Saturday. He had been losing weight, then stopped eating and drinking altogether. Turns our his teeth were rotting away, and I had no idea. It would have cost about 1,000$ just to get him to the point where they could have started treatment and done surgery, that is, the price of the treatment and surgery were *not* included in that thousand dollars. He needed blood tests, hospitalization and IV fluids, just as a start. There was no way we could afford that much money. It hurt like hell to make the decision to let him go, but I do know that it's better for him to have gone the way he did than to have suffered through the last few days of his life.

We'll miss him something crazy.

[Insert news about school here]

[Insert news about family here]

In other news, I have a job interview on Thursday. MEEP?

Oh, and I know my websites are gone. I'm looking into alternatives to get them back up and running. Sorry for anyone who wanted to access them.

Okay, I'm kinda proud of myself now...

TS2 - Kiki upside down
Today, I went to the Libraries as Safe Space event, and it was very interesting. There were great panels and a good discussion afterwards.

I'm linking you guys to the site, because there are amazing resources available there that I thought you would enjoy taking a look at. :)

There would be more content to this post, but the sleeping pill is working. Mmm, sleeps!
TS2 - Kiki upside down
This is my kind of humour.Collapse )

Today was a GOOD day. There was free coffee at McDo's, a great Information Literacy class, an hour-long discussion with friends and colleagues about many issues (not just pertaining to library-school), STORYTIME!! during the Public Libraries class, and then more free coffee from McDo's on the way home.

And now I am talking with The Wifelet and OMGSOINLOVE. Nearly four years together, and it's just like the first day. \o/ I approve this message.

(About my mood: coffee and love and happiness and new sleeping pills all contributed. No illegal drugs took part in it)

After the turkey!dick fail, have some win:

TS2 - Kiki upside down


In other news, I had a ship war with my four year old niece, Sassa, today over who Jack O'Neill should date on SG1. She thinks Jack/Sam is 4EVER, and I confused her by bringing up the subject of Daniel. LOL.

Her: "Daniel Jackson has a wife!"
Me: "Well, she died, you know."
Her: "Yes, but first she was a goa'uld."

And as we waited for the library to open, we watched some vids on youtube (on my iPod), and she explained to me ALL THE WAYS in which Daniel dies. She knows how to find all her favourite vids on youtube without even knowing how to read or write. The dorkiness in that child, it is AWESOME.
TS2 - Kiki upside down

Is that really supposed to be a turkey? Because I don't think anyone will see the turkey first. "It's a turkey, but if you squint, it looks like a dick?" No. "It's a dick, but if you squint, it might look like a turkey." Better. Lol.

Hi, everyone! I am alive. School is hard as hell this semester--so many assignments, so little time!--but I am keeping on top of things and I have a wonderfully awesome wife to encourage me. She never fails to make me feel good about school and many other things.

I love you guys!

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